Wednesday, June 27, 2012

and life goes on...

Right now I'm so thankful to be attending Aspen Music Festival and School for the second year in row. The past week has been filled with friends(old and new), hiking, laughter, hugs, and of course, music. I had a placement audition on Saturday, and to be honest, I wasn't so thrilled about how it went. But isn't that always how it goes to some extent? Anyway, I was very shocked and very grateful to be assigned third chair in Festival Orchestra, which is the top large orchestra.
The day after the audition, one of the cello faculty members who also teaches at Rice took some friends  and me on a hike to Maroon Bells.
 resting at Crater Lake

 Hiking up to Buckskin Pass (it was very hard!)

almost there!

 These views are what we were rewarded with at the top.

Rehearsals for orchestra start tomorrow, and I also have a lesson at 10 am. Today was studio class, and in a few hours, we're having a studio dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Yay!

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