Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update in bullet point form

...because I'm too tired/still full to write in coherent paragraphs.


Since the festival didn't provide lunch today, eight of us banded together and ordered a delivery of Chinese food. We finished eating like 2 hours ago and I still feel like I can't move. It was good though!

I'm living in an apartment with three other girls; Brianna, Abbie, and Elizabeth. We each have our own rooms, and we share a bathroom, shower, living room and kitchen area. We're pretty close and it's fun to hang out with them.

I'm playing in the Amy Beach Piano Quintet with Elizabeth and Abbie (plus another student Andy and faculty member Brandt) and the Brahms Piano Quartet in A Major with Brianna (plus another student Susanna and faculty member David).

I enjoy both my groups but I especially love the Brahms! The piece is gorgeous and we work well together.

The weather here is gorgeous. It gets so cold at night that when I take walks I can see my breath. Also I heard coyotes the other night, which was amazing but pretty scary because I was still out on my walk!

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