Monday, October 15, 2012


several single words describe these past six weeks. today the word I'll describe is "spontaneous":

From last minute calls to babysit (which I’ve been happy to take!)

To somewhat unexpected gigs in a home equivalent to a palace (the gig wasn’t unexpected but the palace definitely was!)

To random outings to Chipotle and Crave Cupcakes

To unplanned dinner parties

And late night chamber music reading parties (so fun!! when are we doing this again?)

To spontaneous encouraging and timely conversations with friends (thanks guys :) )

To impromptu outings with a group of friends after concerts.

It’s great being young and able to just go wherever, whenever. While I do want to be married and all that someday, I don't want to take this time for granted (so easy to do sometimes, especially because everything is so busy nowadays!). It's great to be an encouragement to others and be flexible with my time.

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