Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tastes of fall

Today is the day after my senior recital and I couldn't be more grateful! It went well, more about that later, but right now I am just enjoying the beautiful, relaxing day. I've eaten nothing but soup and biscuits today. Seriously. And a few variations of soup, like applesauce. Oh, and scrambled eggs. Those are good, especially when you wake up and it is 53 degrees in your apartment. But I digress. This is the kind of day I dream about when school is just starting and it's so hot out you could fry something on my dashboard.

Last night, a few friends came over to help celebrate the holidays and cooler weather. We enjoyed cider, a few snacks, and played a game of Rat-a-tat Cat along with a hefty dose of laughter and good conversation.

The flowers are from a sweet lady at church, and Yvonne brought the Korean pumpkin, card, and candied apple  (thanks again! the apartment smells so yummy)
Jennifer, Yvonne, Yvonne (yes there's two now!), Ling, Dorothy
So glad they were able to come :)

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