Wednesday, December 5, 2012

short ramblings...

One of my favorites? Big, cold cities around Christmas time. The lights are so magical; I feel like I'm five again. Maybe this euphoric feeling also has to do with the fact that I am DONE with a big audition and it went well! I don't want to disclose too many details over the Internet, so stay tuned for results... (and if you're curious, ask me in person!)
In any case, downtown Chicago is absolutely beautiful. The tall Christmas trees with their dazzling lights, the decorations in nearly every building, the feeling of a chill in the air but being warm in a comfy winter coat (thank GOODNESS I brought it- my little purple coat would not have held up to 30* weather...).

I feel like the last two weeks have resembled a train wreck. I'm only half exaggerating- there's been a lot of good things too. Now that the audition is over I can sleep and -dare I say it?- relax a tiny bit.
Some of the highlights of the past two weeks, in no particular order:
-our last orchestra concert of the semester
-helping and being helped with prescreening recordings
-finishing said prescreening recordings
-watching the baby girl that I babysit crawl towards me for the first time with a big toothless grin on her face
-spontaneous hanging out with friends
-deep, challenging conversation
-singing along with Christmas carols as I did the dishes in my apartment
-stepping out of the train station today and walking right past the Lyric Opera house- such a beautiful place!

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