Saturday, May 18, 2013

Building Pipelines

So remember that one time I said I was going to blog every Thursday about essential oils? Oops. Sometimes life happens. Well, instead of making any promises this time, I’ll be blogging as frequently as I can about the oils this summer- since I love to blog and I love doTERRA essential oils!

I recently watched a video that began with a story that really resonated with me and confirmed my “WHY”- my “why-I-teach-people-about-doTERRA”.
There was a man from a village who walked a couple of miles every day to the nearest stream with buckets strapped to him. He would fill up the buckets and walk all the way back to the village and sell the water. His system was good; his supply was always in demand. If he wanted to make more money, he would just make more trips to the stream. There was another man who decided to haul buckets too. However, this man decided to spend the other part of his time building a pipeline from the stream to the village. He would spend all day hauling buckets and the evenings and his other free time building this pipeline. In a couple of years when this pipeline was done, he turned on the spigot at the village and fresh, clean water flowed out. Because of this pipeline, he and his family had resources for years to come- resources that didn’t depend on his hauling buckets. He was free to pursue his passions and dreams, knowing his family would be taken care of.

This story resonated with me because I saw myself. As a musician, gigging and teaching qualify as “hauling buckets.” Each of these are good things to do that have lots of benefits and they keep us afloat. When we do them, we make money. And if you love what you do, these are fun and well worth your time. However, these things don’t build a pipeline. In other words, you’re not going to get a check five years from now from a gig you did today or from a student that you taught for a few years. However, if you build a pipeline in a business such as doTERRA, where anyone can advance in rank and salary by how much they put in, and there’s not just one CEO at the top deciding who gets paid what, you have residual income, leaving you free to pursue your loves, your dreams, your passions.

I am not teaching people how to be healthy and build pipelines with doTERRA because I don’t think I will make it as a musician. Frankly, I don’t think anyone should build a pipeline solely because they don’t think that their passion will get them what they want/need. By taking the time now to invest in the oils and in others, teaching them how to be healthy and how to do the business for themselves, I am actually building a pipeline that will benefit not only my future finances, but also my future as a musician- my passion. Building a pipeline is enabling me to spend more time on what I love: studying, playing, and immersing myself in viola, opera, and chamber music, with assurance that in the future, I’ll be well provided for. I don’t want to be just another addition to the stereotype that “musicians don’t have money.” By building a pipeline, I’ll be able to pursue what I truly love in music- not just what I have to do to keep myself afloat.
taken from Where I'd love to play someday!

Building this pipeline doesn’t require that I develop a completely different skill set. In many ways, pipeline building in doTERRA requires some of the same skills I use and develop as a musician: being enthusiastic about a product, listening to others, being creative in teaching and reaching out. If I can build a pipeline by reaching out to others and teaching them about something I love- me, an introvert who stumbles over her words- I have faith that any of my friends can too. If you've tried the oils and love them and there are people in your life who would benefit from them, why not start building your pipeline?

Ask me how you can start building a pipeline today!

Never heard of essential oils and your interest is piqued? Let's chat! I want to help you find the oils that are right for you. doTERRA's all-natural, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils have changed my life along with the lives of thousands of others- so what are you waiting for?

Yvonne Smith, doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

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