Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essential Oils in place of antibiotics

This past Saturday morning, I woke up and something was wrong. I looked up my symptoms and realized I had an infection. (I won't be posting what kind- if you must know, send me a private message! ;) ) This kind of infection, said the website, *only* goes away with antibiotics.

Well, I thought. Let me try some essential oils.

So I looked it up in the book, and I saw that lemongrass was great for getting rid of the type of infection I had. I was so thankful I had bought lemongrass oil a few months back on my autoship order from doTERRA! I put a few drops in about a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil and rubbed the mixture on my stomach and repeated this every few hours. I also put some hot water in a bowl, put a few drops of lemongrass in the bowl, and soaked a washcloth there. The hot washcloth full of essential oils felt soooo good against my stomach!

I applied lemongrass three or four times, drank a lot of water (probably about a quart of water- I'm not exaggerating!) and a lot of cranberry juice, and by the time I left to play at Grant Park that evening, my infection was almost gone. By the next morning, I was completely healed.

Although I'm grateful to all the doctors and nurses who are great at what they do, it is awesome to have the knowledge and tools to clear up these infections and illnesses in a short amount of time and no negative side effects.

I love doTERRA!

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  1. What a great experience! Saved you a lot of trouble and money too! Glad you feel better. :)