Friday, June 7, 2013

Stop enduring and start living!

What are some of the things that you enjoy doing? I like to take walks- earbuds in (but sometimes without music coming through them), blue skies, a hint of wind and chill in the air. I also enjoy watching operas online and, yes, I enjoy practicing and playing the viola. I like to write stories, Skype with friends, and bake cookies.

Has there ever been a time in your life that the things you normally enjoy became unappealing and boring? Ever feel listless, unenthusiastic, unmotivated? You wish you could enjoy those things, but you just can't.

I have definitely walked through those times.

Often sometime just after the semester ends, I feel extremely tired. I often think it's my body saying, "Hey you! Remember me? Yeah, I need some more sleep! Get on that, pronto!"

But what about for people who experience prolonged periods of fatigue and listlessness? Maybe they've always felt like this, or maybe it's brought on by a painful loss or stressful situation.
Even the simplest tasks require monumental effort, and people become withdrawn and lonely, even if they appear "fine" on the outside. Depression. This word carries a certain stigma with it, but in my opinion, depression is way more common than we like to think. In some cases, doctors prescribe medicine. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. In many cases, the medicine might make the symptoms worse. Often feelings of fatigue can often be allayed by a healthier diet, more exercise, and enough sleep. But this is not a perfect world, and it never will be. Some people are more prone to depression than others because of genes, circumstances.... And we silently accept that we're just going to be sadder, listless and withdrawn for the rest of our lives.

Let me also clarify that no one should feel ashamed if eating right, exercising, and even seeking professional help is still not enough for them to feel better. Depression is a very powerful tool of the adversary. But please know this.

Feeling sad and listless all the time is not an acceptable way to live.

I believe that God has provided the tools we need to heal, but way too frequently we deny ourselves these powerful tools by lack of knowledge and trust and belief that we could ever, ever feel any differently than we do now. Often these tools are found in natural medicine with no chemicals or fillers or pesticides- just oils taken directly from nature. We are frequently told that modern medicine makes these tools better, more effective...  but many people don't know about the amazing things that certified pure therapeutic grade oils are doing in people's lives.

Just read these testimonials about curing cancer. And these testimonials about depression and ADD.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade means no harmful side effects that are found in modern medicine. Personally, I love using Elevation, the blend that is often mentioned in the depression testimonials. Rubbing it over my heart in the morning and smelling it throughout the day has had wonderful results. I feel more confident, happier, more motivated, and able to reach out to others. I love that it's 10% off this month too! Check it out! ("Shop for Products" then "Oil Blends")

If this post has piqued your interest and/or some questions, I'd love to set up an appointment to chat.  Send me a Facebook message or e-mail ( No one should have to settle for living with the effects of depression or any other condition, and I really want to help you find the oils that are best for you.

Enjoy your life! Don't just endure it.

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