Saturday, November 16, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Days 13 and 14: Performing and fun performing outfits

Performing is the culmination of hours of rehearsing and practice- and years of dedication. This week I had the privilege of performing in a few chamber music recitals and a studio recital. It's always fun to figure out what to wear in recitals, and we get to come up with some pretty creative combinations. Here are a few pictures from the chamber music recitals (didn't take any at the studio recital).
Centerpiece at a cocktail table, Grant Park Music Festival
Onyx String Trio, Impresario Society of Grant Park Music Festival, Chicago
We wore a cozy all-black, mostly because it was really cold onstage

Flarpola Trio after performing William Mathias' Zodiac Trio, Houston
We wore black/grey with pastel accents- Emily (harp) put roses in my hair!)

At the studio recital, I played one of my favorite pieces for viola and piano: Rebecca Clarke's Morpheus, named after the god of sleep and dreams. I think of many loved ones who are in their "eternal rest" when I hear this piece, and it was such a pleasure to play it in their memories. I feel so blessed to be able to express myself and my emotions in such an intimate, special way, and with such wonderful people!

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